Missionaries Supporting Missionaries

Connect with other missionaries who can relate to the unique experiences and feelings you are going through! You don’t have to do this alone!

Are you feeling exhausted, lonely, or frustrated without a clear explanation? Have you been struggling to navigate the unique lifestyle of missions work? Ever feel like you’re the only one? You’re not alone!

 Come discuss what it is like navigating life on and off the missions field. In this group, we discuss a variety of topics. Including, expectation vs reality, navigating transitions and transitional grief, ways to manage the ups and downs of ministry and many more!

This group provides a safe, confidential space for missionaries to process the highs and lows of missions work and a missionary lifestyle. The groups is meant for individuals who have been on a missions trip, short or long term.

Group is held every Tuesday, at 7:30 pm EST, via Zoom. Please contact me for the zoom login information!

Please use the comment box below to ask questions, answer questions, or write about your experience. 

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